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Paediatrics Speech and Language Therapy

The children’s speech and language therapy team works with children and young people with a range of speech, language and communication needs and children and young people with feeding difficulties.

We aim to:

  • Help children and young people with speech, language and communication needs to participate fully in everyday life.

  • Help infants with feeding difficulties and children and young people with eating and drinking difficulties to improve their quality of life, health and safety, and enjoyment of feeding.

  • Provide support that is appropriate to the child or young person’s needs and environment.

  • Work collaboratively with families and other health and education staff.

Child in Den nursery, Chesterfield Royal

During your clinical placement you will be working closely with your clinical educator to deliver a child and family centered service. This will primarily be in the community, (child’s home, nursery, mainstream school, special school) or within a community clinic setting.

Photo: Trevor Smith Photography

Day 1

We will expect you to make contact with your clinical educator at least 4-6 weeks before your placement starts. We expect you to discuss any specific learning opportunities you have with your clinical educator before the placement and we will make every effort to meet your needs.

Before you arrive, please familiarise yourself with the key policies.

On you first day you will need to attend the venue arranged with your clinical educator and report to the reception and ask for your named clinical educator. You will have an induction to your place of work and any relevant procedures and processes.

If you are working at the Royal Hospital, there is paid parking available. There is also a parking layby and on street parking out of the hospital grounds. At other community clinics free parking is generally available. Please discuss this with your clinical educator before the placement.

Paediatric SLT with patient

Photo: Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Child playing with train set
Dress Code

SLT’s working in children’s specialist services do not wear a uniform. However, you will be expected to present a professional appearance.

Meal Breaks

It is recommended that you plan to bring a packed lunch and drink. Your clinical educator will inform you of facilities available in local community clinics where you may be based.

Working Hours

9.00 to 5.00 approximately. Working hours can vary according to your clinical educators working hours and will be discussed with you before the placement. You will be helped to plan your working week to ensure you complete the necessary clinical sessions for your placement. If you have specific commitments that affect your working times please discuss these with your clinical educator before your placement.

Clinical Educators

The SLT team is based at the Den, CRH and numerous outlying clinics throughout North Derbyshire. You are likely to have your clinical placement shared between two or more clinical educators. This may include several locations.

Our team has a range of clinical paediatric specialisms and you will have the opportunity to experience a range of learning opportunities across the team. You will receive contact details of your clinical educator from the university well before your placement and should contact them in order to organise the details of your placement and discuss any specific learning opportunities that you would like to experience.

The department has around 20 members of staff, both full and part time.

You will be given details of which members of staff you will be on placement with before the start of your placement.

Children playing in a slide
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