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Healthcare professional with hearing aid
About the Department

Though our base is in Chesterfield, we service a large area in North Derbyshire, visiting a wide range of community clinics.

The experienced  team offer a high quality service that is tailored to the patients needs utilising British Academy of Audiology (BAA) recommended assessment techniques and fitting methods. All the hearing aids fitted are the most current digital signal processing aids available on the NHS.

Our Audiology Department is able to draw upon its expertise and experience within more complex areas of hearing rehabilitation to ensure we meet all patients needs. 

"We are proud that our team of caring, professional staff achieve a holistic and confidential service that meets the specific needs of the individual in a supportive environment."

What we do

As an NHS Adult Audiology department based at the Royal Hospital we are here to provide our patients with full hearing assessments and rehabilitation. We also work closely with the ENT department. During your placement, you will work closely with the whole team.

  • We offer advice on ear care, hearing protection, communication tactics and advice on environmental aids.

Photo: Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Hospital entrance, Chesterfield Royal Hospital
Day 1

Report to Suite 1 - Audiology, which is near the Main Entrance of the Hospital.

Directions: Click here for directions and map of the hospital. The site is accessible via public transport.


Parking: Parking is available on site, a fee is charged for all patients, visitors and members of staff using these facilities.  On your first day please use the car parks indicated for patients/visitors and pay accordingly.  A parking pass is available to be purchased for future uses. Click here for more information.

Please familarise yourself with the key policies before arriving on placement.

Photo: Chesterfield Royal Hospital

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