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Radiographer with patient
Patient having x-ray
Ultrasound examination
Patient having x-ray
Radiographer at Chesterfield Royal
Patient having x-ray
Radiographer at Chesterfield Royal
Imaging staff
Radiographer with patient
Radiographer with patient
Imaging Team
Radiographer with patient
Radiographer at Chesterfield Royal

Photos: Trevor Smith Photography

Our aim is to deliver a Quality Diagnostic Imaging Service within a safe environment, provided by caring and professional staff. We recognize that everyone is an individual and respect their rights to privacy and dignity.


There are many different examinations carried out in the Imaging Directorate, the most common examinations are X-rays such as chests, arms, legs, hands, feet, neck, spine, skull and facial bones. The majority of work done by newly qualified radiographers is plain film imaging of in-patient/outpatient and GP patients and students spend a lot of time in this area.


When patients have these X-rays done it is usually to show fractures or foreign bodies, arthritis, disc bulging or tumours.


The Radiologist will check the quality of the image(s) which will then be reported on by either a Radiologist or by a Radiography Practitioner who specialises in making diagnosis from these images.

Pie chart

We undertake around 153,500 examinations per annum, with the breakdown being around:

  • 36,457 A&E

  • 35,405 GP

  • 33,399 In-Patients

  • 46,167 Out-Patients

As well as the Imaging Department within the Hospital, we also have departments at Community Hospitals: Buxton Hospital and Whitworth Hospital.

Placement information

Most of your time will be spent within X-ray, but you will get the opportunity to work in other areas in line with your assessment needs.

The Clinical Liasion Officers (CLOs)/Mentors will support you throughout your placement, from meeting you before placement to explain what to expect, an induction when you arrive and providing ongoing support, along with your educators who you will work closely with. 

You will be expected to take control of your learning and keep on top of your assessments but your educators and CLOs will support you in doing this and the friendly team are always there to answer any questions you have.

Please make yourself familiar with the relevant policies and also the IR(ME)R Regulations.

Imaging Team at Chesterfield Royal

Photo: Trevor Smith Photography

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