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This is the basic equipment in one of our plain film rooms:

X-ray equipment at Chesterfield Royal

In the background you can see the x-ray machine itself. On the desk behind the leaded glass screen we have the X-ray generator control panel where the radiographer will set the relevant factors suitable for a particular type of examination.

RIS (Radiology Information System) PC:

logs all the details and requests for every examination a patient has had in the imaging department.

CR (computed radiography) Remote Operations Panel: 

displays the digitised x-ray images for that examination.

Bar Code Reader RIS: 

All x-ray cassettes and requests operate off a barcode system.

Bar Code Reader CR

X-ray machine control

Photo: Imaging Dept, CRH

The resulting images...
Chest X-ray

We do lots of chest x-rays!

Horizontal beam lateral view of the cervical spine

Spine x-ray
Ankle fracture

Ankle fracture post fixation

Photos: Imaging Dept, CRH

What do we need from an X-ray?

We want the contrast and density of the image to be correct.

It should be correctly labelled and should include enough soft tissue to visualise any injury.

Every examination has different criteria of acceptability – and you will learn them all!​

Mobile Radiography

Mobile & Theatre Radiography

We're not just in one room - there are many other aspects of the job and we travel around the hospital with mobile machines when we're needed!

We also get involved in a lot of operations in theatre, providing on-the-fly imaging.

Photo: Imaging Dept, CRH

Dental Radiography

We also we have a separate department for dental examinations  - you will get a special placement at the dental hospital in Sheffield to help with this

Dental X-ray

Photo: Imaging Dept, CRH

Dental Radiography

Photo: Imaging Dept, CRH

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