Pre-Registration Pharmacist Training at Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Chesterfield Royal Hospital is happy to announce that it will be offering two types of pre-registration pharmacist training programme for the 2021 - 2022 training year - our 12-month hospital training programme and a split 6-month hospital/6-month GP practice training programme.

Both programmes include:

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A strong clinical emphasis and focus on direct patient-centred care


A well-structured rotational timetable to support learning and build confidence


Working with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in core and specialist therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular, respiratory, stroke, surgery, orthopaedics, critical care and paediatrics


Opportunity to experience specialist pharmacist roles with our large cohort of independent pharmacist prescribers

A regular dispensary commitment 


Medicines Information training


Flexibility that allows trainees to revisit or experience areas of interest


Regular meetings with the pharmacy team

Regular meetings with pre-registration trainees and tutors to share practice and keep up-to-date


Monthly clinical seminars led by specialist pharmacists in a range of therapeutic areas

Regular workshops aimed at preparing pre-registration trainees for future practice and the GPhC registration assessment 


Regular regional study sessions provided by De Montfort University covering specific areas of the GPhC performance standards and Registration Assessment Framework.  For more information about the regional training programme visit

About our 12-month hospital training programme
About our split 6-month hospital/6-month GP practice training programme

The hospital training programme has been designed specifically to facilitate the transition from student to clinical practitioner in all aspects of hospital pharmacy practice.  The rotational programme covers a wide range of therapeutics and medicines management areas, largely comprising an induction period followed by rotations through medical specialities, oncology, palliative care, emergency care, surgery, orthopaedics, critical care, paediatrics, aseptics, Medicines Information plus a short placement in GP practice.  Towards the end of the year trainees are given responsibility for their own patients under the supervision of a registered pharmacist.

Example 12-month hospital training programme rota

This programme is a split post between Chesterfield Royal Hospital (CRH) and Royal Primary Care, the Trust's Division of Primary Care, which is comprised of multiple GP practices.  At CRH the rotational programme focuses on acute and emergency care as well as other therapeutic areas such as medicine, surgery, medicines information and paediatrics.  In primary care, trainees have the opportunity to learn alongside the multi-disciplinary team, developing skills in patient consultation, medicines optimisation and review.  The training programme is designed to develop clinical practitioners with the experience and skills to work across healthcare settings, effectively supporting patients and responding to the challenges faced by the profession today.

Example 6-month hospital/6-month GP practice training programme rota

Photos: Trevor Smith Photography

How to apply for pre-reg at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Applications to all pre-registration training hospital places in England and Wales (including split programmes) are via the National Recruitment Scheme run by Health Education England (HEE) - using the ORIEL IT system.  For more information visit Recruitment of NHS Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacists.

The website provides information on the pre-registration application process and recruitment timeline.

Get in touch

Debora Gamble

Pharmacy Education Co-ordinator

T: 01246 512762


Pharmacy Department,

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,




S44 5BL

Please contact the pharmacy department for more information about the hospital and the pre-registration training programmes that we offer. If you would like to discuss the opportunities that Chesterfield Royal Hospital can provide then please get in touch with:

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