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Acute Care Therapy Team

The Acute Care Therapy Team (ACTT) offers a varied placement in a fast paced acute setting. Our team provides services within the speciality of the Urgent and Emergency Care Division. The areas we cover include the Emergency Department, Emergency Management Unit, Short Stay Unit, Frailty Ambulatory Bay, the frailty ward and frailty patients on Pearson ward. Our main focus is to avoid unnecessary admissions to the hospital by facilitating a safe discharge, or to reduce length of stay for the vulnerable elderly.

The team comprises both Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, along with support staff (band 3 and 2). We work generically and use shared skills to offer a seamless journey for our patients. 

                                                                           The service runs 7 days a week from 8:30-20:00



  Students will be expected to have a basic knowledge of:

  • Frailty and the associated conditions, including delirium, falls, immobility, incontinence and susceptibility to side effects of medication.

  • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment.

  • Frailty Models.

Knowledge and Skills Required
Learning Opportunities

On this placement you will have the opportunity to assess patients and take lead in discharge planning. 

You will complete mobility and stair assessments, transfer assessments, identify care needs, provide equipment, offer recommendations for discharge pathways and refer on to relevant services. 

You will also have the opportunity to work as part of the MDT to be involved in the decision making and planning process to enable safe and effective discharge.  

You will gain an in depth insight to the therapy provision to the frailty wards and how this is managed on a day to day basis. 

There will be the opportunity to:

  • Perform appropriate subjective and objective examinations.

  • Be able to identify problems and set realistic discharge plans. 

  • Mobilise patients and help them achieve safe functional independence.

  • Educate, facilitate and encourage to build patients confidence. 

  • Ensure a relevant, effective and safe physiotherapy intervention and timely discharge.


On completing this placement you should be able to:

Assess, identify problems and formulate discharge plans in the frail elderly population.


          Gather thorough details regarding a patient's social history.


          Prioritise Patients and plan your working day accordingly.


          Take an active role in the MDT and communicate effectively within it.

          Understand the process and the factors to consider to facilitate a safe and effective discharge. 

          Demonstrate an awareness of the need to refer to other services where appropriate, and complete the referral process.

Learning Outcomes
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