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Community Adult Team

Community Adult Team

Areas covered:

  • The community team cover four community hospitals across North Derbyshire.  Community hospital wards include hospital rehabilitation and older person’s mental health.  The majority of inpatients are referred for nutrition support advice. 

  • There are seven nutrition and dietetic outpatient clinics in locations across North Derbyshire to enable our patients to access our service closer to home. 

  • The team provide will visit patients at home if they are unable to attend an outpatient clinic and also see people in residential and nursing care homes and work with patients, their carers and family to support their eating and drinking, including food fortification advice, increased calories and oral nutritional supplements (ONS).

Home Enteral Feeding Team

The home enteral feeding team provide advice and support for patients that require enteral feeding in the community. These patients have a range of different feeding tubes (such as percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomies, balloon gastrostomies, low-profile gastrostomies, and jejunostomies) and are supported patients with various feeding methods, including pump feeding and bolus feeding.

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