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Paediatric Team

Areas Covered:

  • The small paediatric team work with inpatients on the paediatric wards and outpatients in both hospital and community clinics. We will also visit families in other locations such as their own homes if needed. 

  • Support is provided to families and children who need dietary advice for a range of different conditions including food allergies, coeliac disease and faltering growth. 

  • The paediatric dietitians work closely with our Speech and Language therapy colleagues and provide a clinic for younger children with feeding difficulties.

  • All of the members of the team are able to support families with children who are requiring enteral feeding at home.

Paediatric Diabetes Team

The paediatric dietetic diabetes team works closely with the Paediatric Diabetes Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) to support and educate families, young people & children with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes up to 19 years old. They see children and young people at diagnosis, providing education on diet and carbohydrate counting, and continue to provide support as part of regular MDT clinics and annual dietetic reviews and are also involved in insulin pump starts, the transition to adult care, data collection and the organisation of social events for our patients.

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