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The medical OT team provide services within the Medical and Emergency Care Division. The medical unit has eight wards including frailty unit and transitional care ward.


Specialities include Haematology, Cardiology, Respiratory, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology and Diabetes. General medicine and health care of the elderly are fully integrated across the unit.


There is also an admissions avoidance team providing OT services with the Emergency Department and medical assessment unit.


Multi-disciplinary teamwork is a key element of these placements and good time management, prioritisation and discharge planning skills are essential.


The OT department at Chesterfield Royal Hospital has approximately 45 members of staff over a number of specialities.

Common conditions

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Learning Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to:


Apply the OT process from referral through to discharge planning in the acute setting.


Work closely as part of the MDT and be involved with decision making and planning process to facilitate safe and effective treatment.


Gain experience of the OT role within a medical unit and how caseloads are managed on a day to day basis.


Learn to identify appropriate referrals to the OT service.


Conduct initial interviews and functional assessments including transfer, personal ADL and domestic ADL assessment.


Work with patients and their carers/family.


Participate in access visits and home visits.


Liaise with, and refer to, other services within the MDT including Physiotherapy, Adult Care team, community teams.


Assist with the following assessments: moving and handling, cognitive, wheelchair


Learn about service developments with Discharge to Assess and Manage, Admissions Avoidance in Emergency Department and the Frailty Unit.

Student working hours

Monday – Friday  8:30-4:30

(The medical team provides a seven day service - there is an option to work with your educator at the weekend.)

Day 1 

Please contact your educator at least 2 weeks beforehand to arrange a pre-placement visit and send your CV to them.


On Day 1, please report to Suite 5 reception for 8:30am and your educator will come to meet you. We will arrange a locker and you will be given a tour of the department, as well as an induction into the placement.


OT uniform should be worn with flat, black shoes.


Directions: Click here for directions and map of the hospital. The site is accessible via public transport.

Parking: Parking is available on site, a fee is charged for all patients, visitors and members of staff using these facilities.  On your first day please use the car parks indicated for patients/visitors and pay accordingly.  A parking pass is available to be purchased for future uses. Click here for more information.

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