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The neurology team works on the 36 bed hyper-acute, acute and rehab stroke unit (Eastwood ward), and with the stroke early supported discharge service (ESD). The ESD team operates as an outreach service from the hospital.

Adjacent to Eastwood ward is a purpose built rehabilitation unit (Speedwell therapy unit) where the neurology OT team is based.


The neurology OT team will also see inpatients on other wards with neurological conditions who require specialist assessment.


Multi-disciplinary teamwork is a key element of these placements and good time management, prioritisation and discharge planning skills are essential.


The OT department at Chesterfield Royal Hospital has approximately 45 members of staff over a number of specialities. There are 12 members of staff on the neurology team, comprising of full and part time staff, including support staff.

Home Discharge Team

Photo: Trevor Smith Photography

Home Discharge Team with patient

Photo: Trevor Smith Photography

Common Conditions:
  • Stroke

  • Brain injury

  • Hypoxic brain injury

  • Other neurological conditions

Day 1

Please contact your educator at least 2 weeks beforehand to arrange a pre-placement visit and send your CV to them.


At this point we will discuss pre-placement reading, issue you with a learning pack and discuss arrangements for your first day.

On Day 1, please arrive at the OT department (Suite 5) for 8:30am. We will arrange a locker and you will be given a tour of the department, as well as an induction into the placement.


Directions: Click here for directions and map of the hospital. The site is accessible via public transport.


Parking: Parking is available on site, a fee is charged for all patients, visitors and members of staff using these facilities.  On your first day please use the car parks indicated for patients/visitors and pay accordingly.  A parking pass is available to be purchased for future uses. Click here for more information.

Monday – Friday  8:30-4:30

(Weekend working optional)

Student working hours
Learning Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to:

See the complete stroke pathway from admission to discharge and first 6 weeks at home


Undertake initial assessments of neurologically impaired patients


Complete functional assessments with patients of varying levels of disabilities


Undertake cognitive screening


To gain experience of specialist neurological assessment of cognition


Gain awareness of upper limb assessment and treatment


Gain understanding of issues surrounding complex discharge

Reading List and Useful links:

Please review and start the core competencies on the STARS online training before your placement. This gives an overview of stroke pathology and treatment - the more you manage to do of this the better.


‘Occupational Therapy and Stroke’, Judi Edmunds


'Neuropsychology for Occupational Therapists: Cognition in Occupational Performance’, June Grieves and Linda Gnanasekaran


National clinical guidelines for stroke


Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme (SSNAP)

Notepad and tablet
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