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Your Clinical Educators

Adult SLT dept email:

Jennie Boden

I work on the stroke unit with patient’s who have acquired communication difficulties and/ or swallowing difficulties.   I qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 2008.  I initially worked on stroke units in Kent before moving to Derbyshire.      

Jen Whitfield

I graduated from the University of Sheffield with an MmedSci in Clinical Communication Studies and began my career working with children in both community and special school settings with some specialist AAC work. I started working with the adult SLT service at Chesterfield Royal Hospital in 2013 and have enjoyed working in both an inpatient and outpatient capacity managing both dysphagia and communication difficulties. My current role is co-team lead for the acute inpatient service covering the general medical wards.

Liz Rowe

My current role is highly specialist in Voice and Head and Neck Cancer. I qualified from Newcastle University in 1999. I started my career in the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and community in Neurology and then moved into Voice disorders and Head and Neck Oncology at the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospital.


I have been in my current role for 7 years. This role also involves leading the videofluoroscopy service and sitting on the patient and public involvement committee. My areas of interest include laryngectomy rehabilitation. I have also taught at Newcastle voice conference and Trent Voice Clinical Excellence Network.

Rachel Gavan

I graduated from Sheffield University with an MmedSci in clinical communication studies.  I currently work as the team lead on the stroke unit and I’ve been in this post since 2011.  As part of this role I work with patients who have acquired communication difficulties and/ or swallowing difficulties.  My particular interest is working with people with acquired communication difficulties.   

Sara Smith

I currently work a combination of inpatient acute care and outpatients with wide ranging neurological and medical conditions resulting in dysphagia and/or communication difficulties.  I have a background of working on the acute stroke unit and in stroke outpatients and have an interest in working with patients with acquired neurological conditions.

Heather Wright

I graduated from De Montfort University in 2006.  I started my career working in a split post of Paediatric and Adult outpatient in Liverpool. I then moved into adult speech and language therapy working in hospitals and in the community.  My current role is specialist speech therapist working both on acute medical wards and hospital based outpatient service. My areas of interest include long term conditions particularly Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. I also have an interest in dysfluency.

Kerry Danaher

Hello! I work on the general wards within the hospital. My caseload consists of medical/neuro patients with both dysphagia and communication difficulties. I also see outpatients in the clinic setting. I have a background of working with patients with learning disabilities and mental health problems in the community.

Pete Hill

I work on the Early Supported Discharge (ESD) team, enabling patients with swallowing and/or communication difficulties after stroke to continue their rehabilitation earlier in their own home. I began working as a Speech and Language Therapist in 2008 and have experience in community and in-patient rehabilitation settings with patients with a range of neurological conditions. I am particularly interested in aphasia and cognitive-communication disorder. I am also the student coordinator for our department.

Jill Whitaker

I work on the stroke unit. I work with patients with acquired communication and swallowing difficulties. I began working as a Speech and Language Therapist in 2006. I have previously worked with adults with communication and swallowing difficulties as a result of a range of neurological disorders.

I am particularly interested in: evidence based practice, accessible information, empowering people with aphasia (PWA shaping services etc), approaches to dysarthria, aphasia therapy and dysphagia assessment and therapy.

Abi Miller

I qualified from SLT from Newcastle University in 1995. I have a background of working with all adults since qualification and in particular the field of head and neck cancer and voice since starting my first job. I have worked in many cancer centres across the UK. I established SLT services for Head and Neck Cancer patients in Staffordshire and joined the team at Chesterfield in 2005.


I have a particular interest in patients with mental health needs and laryngectomy rehabilitation and surgical voice restoration. I am the current chair of Head and Neck Cancer Clinical Effectiveness Network and completed the Emerging Leaders course in 2016 and am committed to continuing to improve services for patients and their carers. I am particularly keen on malteasers to help me through the day.

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