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Pre-placement Self-directed Learning

You will be expected to have a knowledge of normal development, including play skills, communication skills, and motor skills.

Useful books include:

  • The development of the infant and young child: normal and abnormal. ILLINGWORTH, R.S. (1987) 9th edn. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone.

  • From birth to five years: children's developmental progress Sheridan, M.D. (2007) 3rd ed. 3rd edn. London: Routledge.

  • Motor skills acquisition in the first year: an illustrated guide to normal development. London: Academic Press. Bly, L. (1994) (We have a copy of this book at the Den for placement reference)

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You will be expected to have knowledge of the classification and causes of cerebral palsy and a basic knowledge of postural management and treatment approaches.


Useful books include:

  • Finnie's handling the young child with cerebral palsy at home Bower, E. (ed.) (2008) 4th ed. 4th edn. Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann.

  • Teaching motor skills to children with cerebral palsy and similar movement disorders: a guide for parents and professionals. 1st edn. Martin, S. (2006)

  • Posture and movement of the child with cerebral palsy. Therapy Skill Builders. Stamer, M. (2001) Cerebral Palsy from birth to adult life P Rosenbaum L Rosenbaum 2012

  • Treatment of cerebral palsy and motor delay - Sophie Levitt 2010

  • Physical therapy for children - Campbell, Suzann K., Palisano, Robert J., Orlin, Margo N., 2012

  • Physiotherapy for children - Pountney, Teresa E., 2007

  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy for people with cerebral palsy: a problem-based

  • approach to assessment and management - Dodd, Karen, Imms, Christine, Taylor, Nicholas F., 2010

  • Management of the motor disorders of children with cerebral palsy - Scrutton, David,

  • Damiano, Diane, Mayston, Margaret, 2004

In conjunction with your pre-placement discussion with your allocated clinical educator you may be asked to attain an understanding of some of the following areas in paediatrics before your placement.

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