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Children’s Physiotherapy

Our children's physiotherapy team works with children with neuro-developmental, neurological and other motor difficulties from birth until they leave school.

We aim to provide children we see with a high quality assessment, advice and treatment to help them manage their difficulties. We endeavor to help children and young people reach their potential through fun and child centered activities.

On clinical placement you will be working closely in conjunction with your clinical educator to deliver a child and family centered service. This will primarily be in the community, (child’s home, nursery, mainstream school, special school) or within the Den (Child Development Centre) as  out patients and clinic work.

The Den, Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Photo: Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Placement Information

Chesterfield Royal Hospital entrance
Day 1

You should contact with your clinical educator at least two weeks before your placement starts. You will need to discuss pre placement reading adapted to the areas you will be working with your clinical educator.

On Your first day you will need to report to the Den reception and ask for your named clinical educator. You will have an induction to procedures and your working area.

Directions: Click here for directions and map of the hospital. The site is accessible via public transport.


Parking: Parking is available on site, a fee is charged for all patients, visitors and members of staff using these facilities.  A parking pass is available to be purchased for future uses. Click here for more information. There is also a parking layby and on street parking out of the hospital grounds.

Please familarise yourself with the key policies before arriving on placement.

Photo: Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Dress Code

Therapists working in Children's Specialist Services do not wear uniform. However, you will need to present a professional appearance.

  • Polo shirt (CSP white polo shirt or similar)

  • Smart trousers or tracksuit bottoms

  • footwear suitable for safe moving and handling practice

  • swimwear suitable for hydrotherapy

  • student identification

Paediatrics Physio - Hydrotherapy, Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Photo: Trevor Smith Photography

Paediatrics Therapy, Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Photo: Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Working Hours

8.30 to 5.30 approximately

Working hours can vary and is dependant on your clinical educators working hours, location and planned community visits.

You will have a diary to help you plan your working week hours, learning opportunities and community visits. You will be carrying out home visits with your clinical educator.

If you have any specific commitments that affect your working times please discuss this with your clinical educator before your placement.

You are likely to be out of the hospital grounds on community visits. It is recommended that you plan to bring a packed lunch and drink.

At the office base within the Den, there are kitchen facilities including a microwave, fridge and hot drinking water.

Paediatrics Therapy, Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Photo: Chesterfield Royal Hospital

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